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Mad Dog Foam Bridges: 2 New Truck Trailers to Improve Pipeline Safety

We designed Mad Dog Foam Bridges with many goals in mind, but none are more important than keeping pipeline construction workers safe on the job. “The less workers are in the trench, the less likely they are to be injured” is a good rule of thumb, and our new trailers further this goal.

We’ve commissioned two custom sets of trailers, designed specifically to make drain tile repair jobs quicker while also keeping workers out of the trench. Special thanks to Liebrecht Manufacturing for their help with fabrication and installation—and Midsota Manufacturing for building these innovative trailers. Both trailers are 30 ft. long, featuring twin 12,500 lb. axles.

You can see the first trailers off the line tackle a job in this video. Learn more about both below!

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The Mad Dog Bridge Trailer

At its most basic level, the purpose of the Mad Dog Foam Bridge Trailer is to deliver the bridges to the pipeline construction site. This attachment provides “benches” for holding up to 18 of our bridges onboard tightly.

Okay, so how does this keep workers out of the trench?

The most time-consuming part of a conventional drain tile replacement is arranging sandbags to make a bridge. These bags are big, heavy, and a backache waiting to happen. The Mad Dog Bridge Trailer takes them out of the equation.

Before a delivery of bridges is made, the driver swings by a sand silo, where they can fill the Mad Dog Foam Bridges on the trailer. A Mad Dog Foam Bridge needs 750 lbs. of sand to weigh it down, much less than convention sandbag bridges, which require up to 7,500 lbs. Thanks to prefilling, no sandbags need to be moved.  

And when the trailer arrives at the site, placement is simple. Using an excavator with a quick-connect clamp, the foam bridge is lowered into the trench and set on the pipeline. The sand is already weighing down the bridge at this point, so the crew can immediately repair the drain tile, preventing too much water from leaking into the trench.

No water damage means no reason to make costly, time-consuming repairs…and no reason for workers to go back into the trench.

The Mad Dog Drain Tile Material Trailer

Tile repair requires more than just a bridge. We designed the Mad Dog Drain Tile Material Trailer to handle the rest of the items needed.

The most noticeable part of this trailer is its PVC storage racks. Using a forklift, you can easily load four 20’ PVC pipes to the top of the trailer, where they will slide down along guidance tracks. Crewmembers can remove one length of pipe from the dispenser at the bottom of the track, and another will fall into place, ready for the next repair.

The other major element of a drain tile repair, of course, is the tile itself. The back of the trailer forms a spool for up to 1,200’ of coiled, 4” drain tile, which can be unrolled and cut as needed for repairs. This spool can be locked in for safe transportation.

Our trailer also includes drawers for tool or fitting storage. If you need more Mad Dog Foam Bridge storage, or you weren’t able to fill your bridges prior to transportation, our trailer includes custom spaces for three bridges and two Super Sacks of sand.

One thing that all of these storage elements have in common: We designed them all for specialized materials, so that straps are not required. No straps mean no risk of straps coming undone, which is one of the greatest causes of materials coming loose during transport. Removing the need for strapping materials in saves hours of labor on a daily basis.

We developed Mad Dog Foam Bridges to make bridging drain tile as efficient as possible, and our new trailers further this purpose. But efficiency means nothing if it comes at the cost of safety. We’re proud to say that our new trailers increase on-the-job safety as much as they do efficiency.

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