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Mad Dog Foam Bridges Has A New Home, New Trailers!

Mad Dog Foam Bridges are on the move, and in more ways than one!

The first big move affects the company as a whole: Mad Dog Foam Bridges has moved its core location from The Plains, Ohio, to the more central Mt. Sterling, about 25 miles South of Columbus. Our new address is at 13487 McKinley Rd.

The new location comes with a boatload—or, more accurately, a “truckload”—of benefits for us. First of all, we need room for storing our trailers! The new Mad Dog trailers are custom-designed to deliver Mad Dog Foam Bridges, corrugated drain tile and other supplies along a pipeline project. In other words, they’re big! Plenty of room for parking at our new location, however.

The bridges themselves are bigger than some people realize. Our most popular size is designed to bridge 42” pipelines, and we’ve got hundreds of these in stock. That requires a large warehouse for storage, which our new location provides.

More important, however, is the accessibility of the new location. We’ve been blessed to have meetings with representatives from several large pipeline construction companies, and the office’s proximity to downtown Columbus is a huge help. Carl Hamman, one of the founders of Watershed Materials, has a farm right down the road. This allows us to shuttle guests over for a live demonstration of how bridging a drain tile with Mad Dog Foam Bridges works (it’s tough not to see the benefits in a live setting).

If you’re going to be in the neighborhood, be sure to give us a call in advance so we can show you around!

Celadon Hyndman

Now, in other moving news, the Mad Dog trailers are great for transporting the bridges along a pipeline project, but they don’t have quite the capacity to deliver the large quantity of bridges that an entire project requires. That’s why we’re happy to be working with Celadon Hyndman Trucking to transport Mad Dog Foam Bridges to every pipeline project.

A 53 ft. trailer can store more than one-hundred 42” Mad Dog Foam Bridges.

At a basic level, business owners rate shipping companies on two things: getting their products there on time, and getting their products there in one piece. We can happily attest that Celadon Hyndman has passed on both fronts, getting all of our bridges to their necessary locations on time and with no hassles.

Our thanks Celadon Hyndman for the great job they have been doing for us this summer.

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